Participants of the NU-ACCESS and Art History Department Open House Tour the SHyNE Facilities

Participants tour NUCAPT facility with Dr. Dieter Isheim.
EVANSTON, IL – The Northwestern University/Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS) and Art History Department held an Open House Friday, December 2nd, which included tours of the Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental Resource (SHyNE) facilities used in art and science research collaboration.

NU-ACCESS is a partnership between Northwestern University and The Art Institute of Chicago to further expand the role of science in art history and conservation. Established in 2004, the program connects art and materials science in a way that enhances the reach of scientific studies in the arts— helping students approach and study art in innovative ways while better informing them on the preservation and archaeology of objects and materials.
Participant tour Keck II facility.
The tour included visits to Northwestern University Center for Atom-Probe Tomography (NUCAPT) led by Dr. Dieter Isheim; NUANCE’s Keck Interdisciplinary Surface Science facility (KECK-II) lead by facility manager Dr. Xinqi Chen; and NUANCE’s Electron Probe Instrumentation Center (EPIC) lead by Karl Hagglund, Dr. Jinsong Wu, Eric Miller.

Following the tour, participants had the opportunity to further discuss the SHyNE Resource facilities and instrumentation as it relates to study of materials and objects in art.

SHyNE Resource was started in September of 2015 as part of the National Science Foundation’s National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NCCI) and works to provide a national network of facilities to support external users.